Songs for William 3

A 8 track ambient dub album (39m 30s) — released March 24th 2017 on 4Bit Productions



With "Songs For William 3" Ulrich Troyer presents the final part of his experimental dub trilogy. The hand-drawn bonus track is entitled "William - The Seven Year Itch". A comic novel narrating the story of a breakup from the perspective of a stomp box called William and a MS-20 filter clone named Charlotte.

The music of the album is oscillating between euphoria and depression - fascinating with hypnotic lines and solos played by various analogue and modular synthesizers, stomp boxes and effect units, recharged by sprinkles of guitars, melodica, talk box & vocoder. All ingredients are rooted in a massive and warm bass fundament and refined with forward thinking dub excursions. This time the project was not only supervised but also co-produced by Kassian Troyer (Dial). His crucial ears and suggestions and the final Stem-Mastering were significantly responsible for the unique overall sound character of the climax of this experimental dub trilogy.

The hypnotic opening track At Muff's Place arrives melancholic and introverted, evoking smoked out nights and all night long connections. Back On The Market with it's skanking offbeat chords and the charming vocoder line, lifts the mood of the album towards euphoria - William seems to be dating again. The irresistible groove of Dark Roots makes a deadlock impossible. Megalomaniac Microsynth slows down the tempo of the album and gives space to inventive future dub treatment. The catchy 8-bit & cyber-horn driven track Horny Chiptunes picks up the pace again. The journey continues with a G-Funk-feel infected track entitled Cruising Down The Belt featuring a talk box and an alpha juno synth strings line - perfect for playing on car sound systems while driving aimlessly through the city. The backlash of depression hits again: I Miss Your Noise is heavily featuring a paraphonic MS-20 and culminating into a big shoegazing Kraut-Dub drone. Alone On A Crowded Bus forms the sad and disturbing, but nonetheless beautiful end of this unique and fascinating journey.

STUNNING. A beautiful concept. beautifully executed. A brilliant take on the musician's classic: 'The Break-Up Album.' You can read in to this album all of your emotional tribulation and rela-tionship baggage; it is a deft, articulate body of work and one I am going to give 5/5. ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ - Sigil of Brass Music Blog, UK

Dub unlike anyone else. Recommendation of the editorial staff - march 2017! - BEAT 03-2017 Music Magazine, D

Unter dem Strich ist Songs for William 3 ein starker Abschluss einer ohnehin starken Trilogie, die komplett schlüssig und bündig ist. Wie 2011 und 2013 gilt, dass Troyer eine der innovativsten und frischesten Elektronikscheiben vorlegt und keinen Deut seiner Ideen verloren hat. 19/20! - Wolfgang Kabsch Musik an Sich, D

A wonderful dub evolution, alive with a fantastic array of analog tones and vivid aux send adventures. Favorite track: At Muffs Place - Rooted with a classic roots inspired guitar riff and a shimmering spring reverb soaked snare drum riddim! Worthy of many a late night REWINDS! - Jesse @ BOOMARM NATION Portland, USA

Perfect for cruising or chilling! - RBD, Bad Alchemy Music Magazine, D

La facilità con cui si trovano molti generi nei singoli pezzi è davvero disarmante. Può essere il caso di Cruising Down The Belt, un misto di soul/funk, downtempo, r’n’b e dub, come anche il caso del coacervo altamente armonico di I Miss Your Noise, che già dal titolo fa capire l’orientamento del pezzo. Con pochi strumenti e con fraseggi basici, Troyer intreccia analogico e digitale come se fossero un tutt’uno. La naturalezza del suo sound e la cura dei suoni conquistano al primo impatto, al secondo seducono. Troyer mescola intelligentemente le carte in tavola e il suo buon gusto fa vedere cosa sia possibile fare con pochi elementi in una coralità mai scontata, capace di diventare virale, orecchiabile, calda, trascinante e fuori dagli schemi. La seduzione è talvolta risultato di una buona coerenza. - Gorot Carnage News, I

Si tratta del capitolo conclusivo di una trilogia e, anche in questo caso, il genere di riferimento resta il dub. Si tratta, però, di un disco carico di contaminazioni kraut e psichedeliche, ottenute grazie a un sapiente uso della strumentazione elettronica che produce anche suggestioni psych e sorprendenti echi kraut. “Songs For William 3” si apre fra i suoni claustrofobici e ipnotici di “At Muff’s Place” per poi proporre una sorta di future dub con “Back On The Market”. La successiva “Dark Roots” si schiude invece dopo un’intro quasi chiptune, mentre l’attitudine più sperimentale ritorna prepotentemente in “Megalomaniac Microsynth”. La suadente “Cruising Down The Belt”, invece, si spinge anche oltre, rallentando nettamente i ritmi e avvicinandosi al soul e al rhtyhm and blues. La forza del disco risiede nella capacità di Ulrich Troyer di intrecciare analogico e digitale e di utilizzare soluzioni non troppo complesse ma capaci di sovrapporsi e di generare un flusso sonoro inarrestabile che seduce e ipnotizza. Il nuovo album di Ulrich Troyer, grazie anche a un’ottima produzione e alla grande varietà dei pezzi, si attesta su buoni livelli dall’inizio alla fine, senza passaggi a vuoto. - Piergiuseppe Lippolis Music Map, I

Music for a hot summer's evening. - FdW Vital Weekly, NL

Great album! Dark Roots and Megalomaniac Microsynth are our favorites! - Ezra & Tracy @ ZAMZAMSOUNDS Portland, USA

Troyer has recorded an album that lets you disconnect from reality and enjoy the evening. "Songs For William 3" is ideal for night bus rides. For Fans of Adrian Sherwood, F.S. Blumm, F.S. Blummbastic, Andi Otto & Schlammpeitziger. - Łukasz Komła Nowamuzyka, PL

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